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Envelope Fold+
Flow Wrap+
Tape Banding+
Powder Filling+
Case Pack+


Which are the machines offered by you for wrapping soaps?+
What is Envelope folding?+
What is a Horizontal form - fill and seal (HFFS) machine and why is it called so?+
How does the package formed on the machine look?+
What wrapping materials are typically used on HFFS machines?+
Which is the favoured way of packing soap?+
Why go in for Mechanised Packing?+
Can different sizes be packed on your machines?+
What is the role of stiffener in packing toilet soap in envelope-type folding machine?+
How much wrapper is required to wrap a soap cake?+
What about stiffener size?+
What are the methods used for sealing on overwrapping machines?+
Which is the better way of sealing?+
What is Print Registration Unit? How does it work?+
How do we order a machine with you?+
We want to inspect the machine(s) before dispatch. What are our options?+
How are the machines shipped abroad?+
What about commissioning of machines?+
How do we order machine spare parts?+